Title: For Those Who Fell – A Novel of the Legion of the Damned

Author: William C. Dietz

Publish Date: 2004

Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group

Type: Novel

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-Genre: Armed Conflict, Space Travel, Spacecraft, Hyperspace, Shields, Advanced Technology, Advanced Weapons, Cyborgs, Cybernetics, Traitors, Desertion, Alien Encounters, Alien Worlds, Communications, Spies, Murder, Galactic Empires

Plot Summary: The Confederacy of Sentient Beings has moved its capital to the planet Algeron. An inhospitable planet inhabited by the Naa. Up to this point, Algeron has not been recognized as a member of the Confederacy, and they want to be recognized so they can be equals. While that struggle goes on, the Confederacy finds out that their primary enemy, the Ramanthians, have developed a communication device that can send and receive messages faster than ships can travel. 

Lieutenant Santana is placed in charge of a special force sent to capture the communication device on a planet on the Ramanthian border. The lieutenant’s men include cyborgs and humans, and the force must capture the device before the Ramanthians are able to recover it or destroy it. 

Once his force lands on the planet, they join up with the remaining human colonists that were in hiding to move on the facility housing the device. But the Ramanthians have a surprise waiting for the Confederate attackers in the form of a battalion of heavy armor, and a deserter with a highly armed cyborg of his own. All the Confederates need is a diversion.


First Lieutenant Antonio Santana has been placed in charge of a special task force sent to the edge of Ramanthian space with a plan to capture a faster-than-ship communication facility before the Ramanthians can put it into service, and end the war before the Confederates have another chance to fight.

The new capital of the Confederation of Sentient Beings has been established on the inhospitable planet of Algeron, since no other planet wanted to host the capital for fear the Ramanthians would follow. As Santana and his group make planetfall on the planet of Savas, the Ramanthians are preparing for their attacks and are able to shoot down the two transports, stranding half the men in a desert, and the other half in an aging and decrepit spaceport where human colonists have been hiding out for years. Now Santana needs to reunite the two groups and attack the complex before a Ramanthian fleet arrives with reinforcements.

The surviving humans are led by Cam Qwan, the leader of the humans. Qwis, his daughter, caught the eye of Santana immediately and seemed to be attracted to each other as a natural consequence of being around each other. The original inhabitants of Savas are nomadic, circling the planet with the seasons, and split into two groups. One aligned with the Ramanthians and the other with the Newcomers and the Colonists.


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