Seven is left with no other options and hires a privateer to take her to Janeway and out of the Federation’s control. But, the Federation doesn’t want Seven anywhere near the Borg Cube or to cause any further trouble, so they order her to stay put at the Starbase. They attempted to enforce their order with a starship to prevent her from leaving the star system. They weren’t counting on the privateer captain’s resourcefulness. Seven is able to slip out of the system, through the rings of Saturn, and then warp away… heading to their destiny.

Appraisal It is unusual for this reviewer to come away from an episode or a novel based in the Star Trek Universe feeling a letdown or disappointed. Although only two ‘CONS’ were listed in this review, they do have an impact on the overall ‘feel’ of the novel. It felt like a first or even a second draft story that had little attention paid to the proofreading issues. The new Borg abilities and the insertion of other Star Trek characters into the main story helped to keep the story interesting enough that the book didn’t get put down and forgotten about. Old technology that appeared in the original series was outlined with exciting detail which forced another look at the episode that dealt with it. In that respect, the author was very successful in keeping his novel securely in the world of Star Trek. Many characters are introduced, several referred to, and a few of our favorites make a special appearance. We are left to wonder about whatever happened to a couple of them as you finish reading. Overall, the novel winds up as a ‘good read’ because of the new twist with the Borg and the in-depth use of previously ‘forgotten’ technologies. The book is worth picking up and taking a look at, but keeping in mind that the errors will make the reading jerky at times.

Pros The author ties the storyline into the Star Trek Universe well with the inclusion of characters from several of the series spin-offs. Not only that, but he also includes behind the scenes type of information about Starfleet Command operations and functions. The Borg make a new appearance in this novel with a completely unique way of assimilating life forms and technologies. This isn’t just another of the same old Borg vs. Human stories. This novel has three main characters that the author follows and he is able to keep the individual storylines succinct and easy to follow, unlike other novels using multiple character plots.

Cons This book is copyrighted 2007 by CBS Studios. With that said, it is the reviewer’s contention that they should invest in a more attentive editing and proofreading staff. The novel is riddled with spelling, grammar, and word usage errors and even if we give the author the ‘poetic license’ latitude, it is difficult to allow a free pass on these issues. Although the Borg vs. Human storyline carries a unique twist in how the Borg assimilate their enemies, the story degenerates into just another shoot-’em-up like previous Borg Vs. Federation encounters. Since there is a new assimilation process used by the Borg, why weren’t the two assimilated starships using that process when they attacked the Enterprise? Size seemed to be irrelevant in the new method since the assimilating ship grew proportionately with the size of their victim.


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