Title: Before Dishener Star Trek: The Next Generation

Author: Peter David

Publish Date: 2007

Publisher: Pocket Books

Type: Novel

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-Genre: Space Travel, Spaceships, Alien Worlds, Alien Encounters, Advanced Technology, Advanced Medical, Invasion, Advanced Weapons, Armed Conflict, Warp Engines, Doomsday Machine, Borg, Cyborgs, “Q”, Mutiny, Logic, Computers, Virus, Tractor Beam, Assimilation, Galactic Empires

Plot Summary: Jean-Luc Picard had apparently led a successful attack on a Borg Cube, rendering it lifeless and derelict. Seven of Nine went to the Cube to investigate it and determined that it was inactive after a thorough search that found no obvious Borg activity or life signs. 

Admiral Janeway then takes a small science vessel for a more intense investigation in order to determine whether or not there is any technology that could be recovered and used by the Federation that would help it to fight the Borg if they attack again.

While exploring the Cube, odd things begin to happen. The away team is absorbed into the walls of the Cube, becoming part of the ship itself, assimilated into the collective by this new method.

Light years away, Seven senses Janeway’s dire situation and makes her way towards her friend against the orders and demands of the Federation to stay away from both Janeway and the Cube. Seven meets with an elusive smuggler, conning her way into allowing her passage aboard his vessel. On their trip to meet with Janeway, the smuggler has to sub-maneuver a Federation starship by hiding in the rings of Saturn and sneaking away with an illegal cloaking device obtained on the black market.

The smuggler gets upset after he learns why Seven is making her trip and subsequently changes his mind about taking her. Seven then proceeds to punch his lights out and must make the journey without his willing assistance. She only hopes that she can get there in time to help her longtime friend Janeway.


A Borg Cube was stopped in its relentless pursuit of mankind’s assimilation while on its way to Earth. Jean-Luc Picard led the attack on the Cube with a coordinated offensive on a seemingly unimportant area of the ship which brought it to a halt, apparently dead in space.

Seven of Nine was dispatched to the site and lead a team of scientists and researchers to investigate the Cube. She did not put anything in her report that she had found any usable technology or signs of danger aboard it. Although she had sensed something but couldn’t really identify it, she decided against including her concerns because there was no proof. Now, based on Seven’s survey of the derelict ship, Admiral Janeway has taken a small Federation science vessel to the Cube for a more thorough survey looking for anything worth salvaging that Seven might have missed. Shortly after she arrived on the scene and beams over there, communication with her and her away team was disrupted, and crewmen were suddenly disappearing without any obvious cause. Meanwhile, back in Earth’s solar system, Seven begins sensing that something wasn’t right; that something was happening and Janeway was in a desperate situation. Seven tried normal Starfleet channels first, trying to alert them to Janeway’s plight, but she is brushed off because Jean-Luc has not had the same perceptions as she had about the Borg of the vessel, and they figured she was imagining the problem.


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